Cycles of the Mind

Photo courtesy of Heimo

The morning feels like yesterday, like last year, like next year. Together, facing a real-time screen, a screen full of bright minds, declarative sentences, short talks, long dreams, wide thinking. The mind is cycling, just saturated with ideas. The eyes see in different light, like some new color has brought the edges into focus. Swallowing reveals it’s been a roller coaster of emotions.

Participating in the TED Conference is intense, moving, invigorating. The four days provide a quick reminder of what a regular person you are, and how much you have not accomplished. But you are not alone, and you are not empty. You have been entrusted.

Charged with ideas, there is an urge, a responsibility to do something with them — that with each hand you can grab the nodes of a circuit, and with your heart and mind you can energize new change.

Photographs by Heimo Schmidt captured on TED2013 day one using a custom hybrid 8X10 field camera (metal front, standard wooden rear). Lens: Nikkor 240mm/f5.6. Exposure: f8 at 1/4 second. Polaroid cross-processing, with film that expired in 2003 and was improperly stored in hot places, such as Heimo’s van and garage. Heimo said of the film, “It seems to still work quite well. The results are the same as when I bought it.” Upon seeing the images, I began to believe in the concept of film stealing a subject’s soul. Asked about this, Heimo said, “In most cases yes, but for a small fee we can arrange for it to be sold back to you.”

This event was generously sponsored by David Albertson, Emily McManus, and the TED Editorial Team. Thanks to all twelve 2013 participants for your time and participation.

Photo courtesy of Heimo Photo courtesy of Heimo Photo courtesy of Heimo Photo courtesy of Heimo