Project: Leapling

Punctuation to the Passage Traveled Together

This post is the second of three posts about Leapling dinners. Read post one here. Imagine you are a hair stylist, with several decades of professional experience, and as your appointment sits down, you hand over your scissors, a mirror, some gel and firmly wish them “Good luck.” This is how I feel serving nabe. […]

Leapling Back to the Beginning

Francis shared his thoughts behind all the decisions made that night, he was focused on the story-telling. For example, the tabletops were covered with New Orleans newspapers and clear plastic, and when everyone was done eating, the servers came to one side of the long tables, started rolling up the plastic, taking everything with it— a giant trash burrito, or real-life Katamari ball. This revealed drawings done by children of North Beach middle-school for dessert course. Newspapers, a physical artifact of a local community from far away, to drawings, a physical artifact of our local community = pretty nice.